Starting a passion project

I began to take up hand lettering at the end of 2014, after taking a study abroad course in the UK. Exploring England through the lens of design instilled a sense of curiosity in me that I thought I had lost from creative burnout in my last year of college. I was interested in type long before college, marveling at the posters at middle school rock shows I attended and wondering how letterforms can elicit different feelings and themes.

To foster my design curiosities, I practiced hand lettering in my free time. It helped me tremendously as a creative, having to go back to basics and putting pen to paper. It allowed me to tap into creativity in a different way, and broke up the monotony of being in front of a computer. Since then, I’ve been incorporating it into my work to add a personable touch. I’ve produced some of my designs onto textiles and cards, and I even taught a small workshop on art-deco style hand lettered cards in 2015.

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